Goats’ milk has highly nutritious which contains protein, calcium, iron, essential vitamins and minerals. Besides, it’s also naturally low levels of lactose and αs1-casein. That’s why goat milk is easy to digest. Though, it’s another good option for people whose allergic in cow milk or breast milk. Nowadays, people are more conscious about their own health and fitness. A tendency of selective eating people has also increased. Even though, goats’ milk is a niche product but our company has continually developed still for our beloved customers.

Our company, Mahboonkrong Sirichai25, founded in 2011 by Mr.Sirichai Bulakul. We did some research with the professor who has expertise in goat milk. And we’ve become experts in goat dairy product since then. We originally start from a very small goat farm until now we could produce a goat milk UHT. As it’s the only one Goat milk UHT brand in Thailand. We carefully select our ingredients based on the highest quality and combine with the standard and safety equipment to create products that we are proud of. So, customers can be ensured that the best goat milk is ‘Sirichai goat milk’.

We get our goat milk from many carefully selected goat farmers who meet the stringent demands of our organisation with regard to quality. These goat farmers are affiliated to our subsidiary Sirichai Goat Milk.

Our products are categorized for both human and pets. We have many various products for customers to be purchased such as Goat milk UHT, Sterilized Goat milk, Pasteurized Goat milk and Goat milk powder. Along with consumption, in recent years it seems to have gradually grown because of a mild and smooth tasting it is drunk by more people. Please try and join in Sirichai’s Goat milk family.