Cashew nuts were first introduced into Thailand in 1901. Like the tree, the nut is often simply called cashew. In 1986, The Thai Government had filed cashew under the 6th national economic. And they also schemed cashew to be the top agricultural exported products. By 1994, Thailand aimed to secure some 20% of the world cashew’s trade.

Sirichai’s cashew has been selling in Thailand since 1989 with very high successful rate. Due to strictly processes, we control from the very first step of planting cashew trees throughout a finished product. We own a cashew farm approximately 1,000 acres scattered through the East and the North-East region of Thailand where the geographical environment is suitable for cashew cultivation.

Our cashew nuts have guaranteed by ‘Q’ mark certified from Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. This mark proves to assure customers the product meets the standard of food safety and essential quality. It makes sure sourcing, components and processing methods adhere to safety standards.

Sirichai’s cashew comes with standard yet quality. We can be distinguished Sirichai’s cashew from the taste. Like no others, we have a rich nutty flavor, slightly sweet, buttery taste, crunchy and sizing. Please come and try!!!