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Welcome to :: Sirichai 25 is of High Quality Cashew Nut. No.1 selling cashew nut in THAILAND and Sirichai Goat Milk   
Sirichai 25 Cashew Nut History
Cashews were first introduced into Thailand in 1901. In 1986, The Thai Government had filed cashews under the 6th national economics and social development plan as one of the top coming agricultural export production plants. By 1994, Thailand aims to secure some 20 % of the world cashew trade.
Sirichai 25 Cashew Nut has been selling in Thailand since 1989 with very high successful rate.

Sirichai 25 is of high quality cashew nuts. A careful emphasis is made in strict quality control from the very first step of planting cashew trees. Throughout the processing process to maintain Sirichai 25’s naturally unique cashew taste and aroma, Till becoming the final product for superior consumption.
Of course, Sirichai 25 Cashew Nut has its own cashew farms of approximately 90,000 acres scattered throughout the East and the North-East region of Thailand where geographical environment is suitable for cashew cultivation.

Sirichai 25 Cashew Nut is far more varied than any other local cashew nuts. The differences are distinctly distinguished from the very first glance of our packaging. Going a little further, Test the uniquely natural and delicious taste of Sirichai 25 Cashew Nuts. And discovering what the perfect cashew nut’s tastes are, Which will never be forgotten.
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